In & Out


Farmville. I am so obsessed with this game on Facebook. I only joined up to give my Sister an extra neighbour and now I spend half my time on it! It is so addictive.

Having a night out to look forward to. Me and my 2 best girlies are going out on Friday night for a spot of karaoke and drunken antics!

Christmas. It's getting closer and I'm so so excited for it!

Loads of films at the cinema that I want to see. Up, Saw 6, The Invention of Lying, The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, to name a few!


The weather. I don't mind cold weather or snow, but rain is just plain pants!

STILL looking for a house to move to that will accept pets. The only places that say yes are either no good or don't have a garden! House hunting has turned from really fun to a pain in the bum.

My skin. I am having so many problems with it. People are starting to comment on it which is never a good thing. I say - 'if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything!'

Twitter. Too many snide comments and arguments breaking out. It should be fun!

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