Turning over a new leaf

As some of you know I have talked about weight loss before and have always started with the best intentions, but then slowly gone back to my usual routine.

Lately I have had takeaways more nights than I've had home-cooked food, and as from today this is going to STOP!

I am really unhappy with how I look in my clothes and there's only one person who can change that and that is me. I need to stop making excuses and actually do something about it.

I am looking forward to trying out new recipes, especially home-made soup and things like that. Tonight I took inspiration from Kelly's videos and made a chicken noodle soup with lots of nice chunky bits of cabbage, onion and green beans. And lots of herbs and spices.

I am going to increase my water intake and am going to try to stick to it (hopefully I will see an improvement in my skin too).

There is no way I could ever cut out takeaways or treats, but I'm going to make them a once a week thing rather than an every day occurrence.

I am looking for new and exciting ways to exercise - I don't mind the gym but it's kinda boring sometimes don't you think?

Nothing like a picture of Tracy Anderson to put the Jaffa Cakes down!!

Let me know what you guys do for exercise to give me some ideas!

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