Rimmel: Beige Style

I haven't been feeling very well all week, so this evening I decided to do some nail polish shopping to cheer me up. I had a basket full of bright colours, then I realised that I wanted a polish I could wear for work so I had a look for nude, beige and pale pink colours instead.

I spotted the Rimmel Pro polishes and I liked the sound of the maxi brush. Anything that makes painting my nails quicker and easier is surely a good thing!

I picked up Beige Style and thought it was perfect.

I don't like having too many coats of polish on, so I have applied one coat and some Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff over the top.

It is subtle and perfect for work.

What do you prefer? Bright colours or nude colours?

I have got my eye on the mint green Barry M polish to cheer me up through the Winter!

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