In & Out


John and Edward. For those of you not in the UK they are contestants on the X Factor and they are brilliant! They definitely have the X Factor over some of the other contestants. We don't need another Leon Jackson, no thank you!

Finally getting my hair trimmed yesterday and my hair still looking long! I had been putting off getting a cut because I'm trying to grow it and I don't like to end up back where I started. But she just took off a tiny amount and neatened up my layers/fringe and it looks a million times better. Money well spent!

My night out this evening. Food and drink at my place, followed by drinks and karaoke in Leeds. My favourite kind of night out!

Twitter. I feel much more positive about the blogging community since taking a break from it.

Feeling S.A.D. I think we all get a bit of seasonal affective disorder at this time of year. Travelling to and from work in the dark and the cold weather is not good for my mood!

Hope you are all well and looking forward to a good weekend!

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