In & Out

Dark chocolate digestive biscuits = YUM!

Bones. I have been watching the series one box set back to back on an evening and they are really good! A bit of eye candy in the form of David Boreanaz helps :)

Christmas. Yes I know it is only just October but Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Not only does it mean lots of time off work and lots of eating/drinking/being merry, but it means I can spend lots of money and not feel guilty because it's all presents for other people! :) Plus the German market that comes to Leeds is fab!

Faux fur and cosy winter coats hitting the shelves.


Being poorly. For 2 weeks I haven't felt 100% and have really been struggling to do anything apart from work and sleep. For me to have no energy to blog means there is definitely something wrong!

Trying to find a new house to rent that will allow pets! My little babies are no trouble, honest! ;)

Lacking motivation to lose weight. I have been seriously lazy lately. Being ill = wanting comfort food! Not good...
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