Bank Holiday weekend #1.

The first of two long weekends is over and I've been back at work for three days enjoying the quietness of the office as most people had the time booked off to get 11 days off using 3 days holiday entitlement! Anyway, thanks to Kate & Will we get another long break this weekend and I'll certainly be making the most of it. Last weekend was a really relaxing break and it did wonders for my stress levels after a busy few weeks at work. We didn't get chance to go to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park (as I mentioned on Friday) because we remembered we had arranged to view a house, but we're hoping to go very soon. Perhaps this weekend or next.

I took a few snaps last weekend and I thought I would share them with you. Photos include my new top from Primark and the brown satchel which I adore and haven't stopped using since (mentioned here), Jonathan's parents back garden and view, making crumble with my Mum, wishful thinking planning a holiday to Florida, my pudding from a trip to Red Hot World Buffet, and Lola soaking up the sun.

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