When I spotted a post by Rebecca (one of my favourite blogs) saying she had been to Wentworth Garden Centre in South Yorkshire I mentioned it to Jonathan as he lives in Rotherham. Turns out he used to go all the time when he was little and he said it was a lovely place so when the sun made a scorching appearance last Saturday we had a drive over there.

We had a really fun afternoon helped by the fact the sun was shining - it made a really nice change not to get rained on! First of all we had a wander round the garden centre. I wanted to buy strawberry and raspberry plants, even though I've got nowhere to plant them as yet. I'll definitely be going back when I have a proper garden to plant things in! I've always wanted to grow things to eat - they always seem to taste amazing when they're from someone's back garden.

Then we looked round the beautiful gardens and got lost in the maze. The trees and plants were all so pretty and colourful. We had a sit down on one of the benches and stayed there for a good half an hour, not wanting to move from the glorious sunshine and pretty surroundings.

(if you've seen the 'Friends' London episode this will make sense!)

We also went to the farm and saw an array of cute (and smelly) farm animals - the humongous pig was one of my favourites. She was retired and taking a well earned break after having a gazillion piglets. Then it seemed I was in the right place at the right time and one of the staff asked me if I'd like to feed a baby! Erm, yes please!

We finished the afternoon off with a browse round the shops, a visit to an ice cream van and a stroll around the area nearby. Bliss!

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