Very relaxing day.  Rode the bike and took Xi Shi for a ride around noon when it got cloudy.  Am beginning to realize that my leg muscles are really weak.  Had a hard time peddling for any length of time.  It's going to take a lot of riding to get in shape.  I'm so computer bound that it will be hard to get motivated.

We stayed inside till 7:00 when it cooled off.  Wanted to ride the bike on the beach but decided to take the ramp at the bath house which leads to the beach pavilion.   Once there I decided to stay on the deck instead of trying to roll the bike and trailer down onto the beach and near the water. 

There was no one on the beach so I let Xi Shi off leash and she had a ball.  She is getting really used to being able to run far away from me.  I get a little nervous but when she gets too far I call her and she will come back to me.  Today I let her go further than before and it took her awhile but she finally realized that she was alone.  She turned around and looked up and down the beach but didn't see me.  I had gone into the water a bit.  When I could see that she was getting scared I called her and clapped my hands and she came running faster than I have ever seen her run.  It was so sweet.  We then walked back to the pavilion and sat till dark enjoying the breeze.  It was great.

Forgot the camera.  Photos tomorrow, I promise.

Fried pork chops and potatoes for supper.  Movie tonight is "The Departed."   Feeling like a glass of Sangria.

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