Review: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism (Jillian Michaels).

You all know I love a bit of Jillian Michaels and I'm into keeping fit at home. No gym membership over here! I thought it may be of use to some of you fitness newbies and experts alike to review the dvds that I own and use regularly, to give you some ideas for your own workouts.

The first dvd I'll share with you is Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. First of all it's £5.99 with free delivery on Amazon so it's not exactly going to break the bank. Secondly, it is brilliant!

Banish Fat Boost Metabolism is my all time favourite workout dvd and at the moment I try to do this one 3 times a week. But boy is it tough. Even after several months of using it a few times a week I still find it a challenge, but this is a good thing! I like the challenge and being able to work up to doing it all the way through without pressing 'pause'. I did manage this once, just the once!

It is very energetic and includes a mixture of cardio moves (for example star jumps, knee ups, burpies) along with squats, kick boxing and ab moves. The variety and fast paced nature of the workout keeps it interesting and moving along nicely. 

I find some of the moves really good fun, and others slightly challenging (I don't think I'll ever master doing burpies at the same speed as this!) but all in all there's nothing massively impossible here. Plus the dvd is broken up into sections so if you want to skip a section that you particularly dislike then you can.

The workout itself is about 40/45 minutes plus a warm up of 5 minutes or so, so it's not a quick blast like the 30 Day Shred, but if you want to feel and look better in a short space of time then this is the workout for you.

It sounds odd but I like a workout to leave me knackered and feeling like I have actually done something. This is 'that' all over. 

Do let me know if you have this one or if you get it based on my recommendation keep me posted :)
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