Road trip part 3: Tintagel.

I almost forgot to share our last full day from our road trip, which I'll do in two parts as we spent the morning in Tintagel and the afternoon in Boscastle. I have uploaded all of our Tintagel photos to my Facebook page just incase you would like to see a few more than the ones below.

We headed up to Tintagel Castle where it was wild and windy, and the amount of stairs knocked the sails out of us, but it was worth it for the views. Stunning! We spent a good while up there taking photos and taking in the scenery, not to mention I almost fell off the edge of a cliff at one point. Oops!

Not ideal if you don't like heights but otherwise well worth a morning or an afternoon of wandering and photo taking.

We also had a stroll through the village where I found a bead shop (where I bought the shell pendants for my necklaces), the cutest Post Office ever, and a delightful pub where we had a beer and rested our weary legs. The pub was great and had the friendliest barman behind the bar.

We spotted a shop on our drive in that had a display of the most fabulous home things and furniture, but when we walked back up to it for a browse it was closed! :(

Have you been here? Do any of my photos look familiar?

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