Road trip part 1: Bath.

Last Friday Jonathan and I headed off in my little car on a trip from South Yorkshire all the way down to Bath. We wanted to spend the day there before we moved on to Cornwall for a few days as we have both wanted to visit for quite some time now.

I loved Bath. What a wonderful place. If you live there you're very lucky indeed.

I couldn't possibly include all of our photos in this post as it would end up a million miles long, but do go on over to my Facebook page where you can see a few more of the photos we took.

When we first arrived we had a slow wander round and took in the sights. The park was very pretty and had some lovely flower arrangements and people relaxing on deckchairs. We watched a couple of newlyweds have their wedding photos taken (from afar) and agreed that it was a lovely setting for wedding pictures.

We gawped at Bath Abbey and then paid a visit to the Roman Baths and spent a while in there soaking up the history of the place. The admission was a little pricey but if you're in Bath you've got to see the Roman Baths right!? We took a million photos of this place, we loved it. It was fairly busy with tourist groups but not too bad. We managed to have a good nosy round and see everything. We took a tonne of photos in here.

I was absolutely blown away by the Royal Crescent. I turned a corner into the park and wham! A row of magnificent houses. The photos don't reflect just how magnificent they are. Imagine living here with your own private lawn to keep the pesky normal folk away :)

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of small boutique/vintage/one off shops and spent quite a while perusing clothes and trinkets and jewellery.

We wanted to have an early-ish tea as we were tired and a bit weary after lots of walking, so I used my Trip Advisor app to find somewhere to eat. A few different options came up but one that really caught our eye was Yak Yeti Yak. Not only had we spotted it earlier in the day but it has received rave reviews on Trip Advisor so tea was sorted! It's a good job we got there early otherwise we wouldn't have got a table. It was empty when we arrived but judging by the bookings sheet it was going to be a full house! Wow, what a delicious dinner and a really unique place. I am so sad we will never get to eat here again (unless we visit Bath again obviously!) Delicious food, amazing brass plates and dishes, friendly owners, and a great end to our visit to Bath.

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