Road trip part 2: Padstow.

If you missed part 1 you can catch up by clicking here. Day two of our trip involved heading to Padstow and we were both really looking forward to spending some time here. Jonathan has been before but it was the first time for me. However I had heard and seen lots of good things about it mainly from other bloggers, and Jonathan of course, so I was really excited about our visit.

As per usual I took loads of photos so if you'd like to see more of Padstow you can have a nosy at them on my Facebook page.

After a slow stroll and a nosy at the boats we negotiated our way down some rocks to the beach. I wasn't brave enough to take the plunge into the sea but I did dip my toes in just to say I had tried! Jonathan was a little braver than me. I was missing Lily and Lola a little bit that day due to the volume of small, cute dogs there (L&L were staying with my Mum and Dad for a few days) but as you can see from Jonathan's nifty artwork they were there in spirit! Also, how big are my effing feet?!

The views from the rocks above the beach were spectacular and Jonathan had hours minutes of fun playing with the panoramic setting on my camera to get some really good shots. It was a fairly nice day which made it easier to get some nice photos.

The photo below is one of my favourites. I mean, could this be any prettier?! We spent a fair bit of time walking up and down the little streets and browsing in each shop. We picked up some fudge for my parents (compensation for having the two terrors) and saw a million and one things that we wanted for our house. Somehow I don't think we would have got an outdoor wooden table with two amazing benches in the boot of my Smart car.. but we wanted to try!

Have you been to Padstow? Recognise any of my photos?
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