Woke up this morning at 4:00 am and couldn't go back to sleep.  Hate when that happens.  Had coffee and read on the computer for awhile till daylight.  Walked the dog, ate breakfast, and packed up to leave for Marksville and our visit to the Paragon Casino Resort.

Stopped to get gas and then turned on the GPS to set our course.  When the screen prompted "Where To" my finger went straight to "Go Home."  I swear I had no control over this act ;-)

When I think of the things that prompted me to do this I guess it's justified.  For starters - my air mattress has been loosing air since the trip began.  I pulled out the manual and it said that it was probably the batteries in the controls on either side of the bed.  So I opened up one of the controls and there was nothing at all that even resembled a battery.  OK.  I'll just sleep on this half filled air mattress.  Well, that got old real fast and my back has been aching ever since.

Next thing is my wireless computer mouse died.  It got stuck on the side of the sofa and looks like I pulled the wires out of the side of the device that plugs into the USB port.  So that meant that I would have to use the laptop's mouse.  I hate that thing.  Took all the joy out of my time on the computer.

Next thing is I starting having kidney pain last night which I'm used to as I have a history of kidney stones.  I usually can melt them with this concoction the doctor suggested I drink and they pass with little pain.  I didn't have any with me and would have to go to the store to buy some ingredients.   So....

I guess you could say that my discomfort was taking its toll on me.  I was missing my big screen TV, my sofa, my fireplace, my back screen porch, my neighborhood, and my time crafting and painting.  So I came home.

It's good to travel and get away but I always like coming home.  And just in time for a cold front coming in tomorrow which means it's Chicken Gumbo File' time.  I'm looking forward to lighting our fireplace and cuddling with my little Shih Tzu.

My RV is usually very comfortable and I enjoy short trips in it but I don't think I can do a month at a time and truly enjoy myself.  So I think I'll stick to short trips.

Expenses for my (26 days) December 2012 Texas Trip of 1200 miles:
Food................... $ 233.47 ............ averages at $ 9.00 a day
Fuel ................... $ 590.98 ............ averages at $ 23.00 a day
Lodging .............. $ 382.85 ............ averages at $15.00 a day
Souvenirs ........... $ 107.11 ............ averages at $  4.00 a day
                           $ 1314.41 ........... averages at $50.00 a day

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