Christmas gift ideas: the one who likes Pugs.

It's ever so easy to write a gift guide about Pug items as I have so many bookmarked and favourited on Etsy, so I have picked some of the best ones to share with you. Any Pug owner/lover (or indeed, your Pug him/herself) would be happy to have them I'm sure!

As I've got one poorly Pug at the moment (Lola has been at the vets for the past 24 hours) and one very confused Pug wondering where her sister is, writing this comes as a welcome distraction to stop me from crying and/or going loopy with worry.

Gemma Correll tees and set of flying Pugs - all Urban Outfitters /
Pug gift wrap and tag set - creaturekebab via Etsy

I have wanted a Gemma Correll tee for ages and Urban Outfitters have quite a few different designs now, including a blue one for the man in your life. Also, who needs flying ducks on the wall when you can have flying Pugs!?

I found the festive Pug gift wrap the other day (or someone tweeted me about it, I can't remember which) and was so excited to see that the seller has a whole host of other lovely things such as ornaments, mugs, badges and an ace wall calendar!

Mint green cameo necklace - KitschBitchjewellery via Etsy / typography eyechart print - handz via Etsy / 
canvas tote bag - squarepaisleydesign via Etsy / crochet pillow - peanutbutterdynamite via Etsy
I love these crochet Pug cushions. In fact they come in different designs which are all equally as cute. The French Bulldog is particularly handsome.

I have wanted the "I love you like a fat Pug loves cake" print for so long now. It's under £10 and comes in loads of different colours so it could easily find a place on a wall in our home.

bow tie dog collar - TheRoverBoutique via Etsy / Pug bum crochet ornament - knotbygranma via Etsy /
Pug print - squarepaisleydesign via Etsy / crochet bear hat - HandmadeMonster via Etsy

I know the Pug bum ornament is a little gross but I love it. It always makes me chuckle when I see it, and it would make a great jokey present for somebody. I'd love to hang one from our tree. It would make a great talking point that's for sure!

The bow tie dog collars in TheRoverBoutique would make any boy-Pug look dapper, but they do girlier designs too such as yellow polka dots and pretty florals.

Pug stamp - AyuTomikawaART via Etsy / "surprise" mug - SpademanPottery via Etsy /
party hat stacking ring - ChocolateandSteel via Etsy / iPhone4 case - TheCaseofMrPelham via Etsy

I'm really into little silver stacking rings at the moment and the above Pug in a party hat ring is at the top of my wishlist. It's adorable!

I hope this has given you some good ideas! Also how many times can I write the word Pug in one blog post?!
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