This and that (cookies, hangovers, new slippers and peace signs).

After the drama of last weekend (emergency vet visit, etc!) this weekend was a little more chilled out and relaxing with a girly night out thrown in for good measure. My friend and I went into Sheffield for a cocktail (or two..) and some 90s music at our favourite place on Saturday night.

Consequently Sunday was spent resting my weary feet and wondering when the ringing in my ears would go (a sign I am getting old surely!) I also did the first bit of baking in ages and made some American style soft cookies with white chocolate chips. Normally when I make cookies they resemble rock hard frisbees but these turned out really well, soft and chewy, so I'll be making another batch soon. The recipe said to use Smarties so you could stick anything in them I guess!

I added another bracelet to my Etsy shop on Saturday. It's a teeny tiny peace charm on cotton cord. I just added grey, dark peach, emerald green, navy blue and gold cotton to the options too so there's definitely a colour for you in there! Plus they're only £2 each so it would be daft to buy just one! ;)

Now.. when I ordered the Dakota Ugg's from Sarenza with my last ambassador code I wasn't quite sure whether they were outdoor shoes or slippers but in a moment of madness I ordered them anyway. I am pretty sure now that they're slippers (what do you think?) so that's what I am wearing them as. Yes £87.00 for a pair of slippers is quite a hefty sum but let me tell you, they are so comfortable. Cold feet are a thing of the past and I absolutely love them!

I have been compared to a Grandad on more than one occasion but I'm okay with that.

Dakota slippers by Ugg Australia c/o Sarenza

In this post I told you about a new framed print we picked up in Sheffield by an artist called Jim Connolly. Well I completely forgot to share it with you and as it's been hanging up in our spare bedroom/computer room for quite some time I thought it was time to take some photos. It's a comic style print poking fun at Meadowhall and is one of several from a series featuring a Sheffield theme. We loved all of the ones the shop sold but this made us chuckle the most.

I think this blog post has been sufficiently random enough to end with a photo of Lola looking cute and back to her normal healthy self... £188 and lots of tears later!

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