The weather was perfect today.  It's just like summertime here in Port Aransas.  It's hard to believe it's December.  Of course, that will be changing in a few days.  We will be getting rain and a cold front.  Can't wait.

The rising sun shining through my front door this morning.

This is the view that I love to see out of my front door. 

I was pleased to have a neighbor move in next to me this morning.  They are from Colorado and have a beautiful 5th wheel.

  I was eager to use my new awning so unrolled it this afternoon.  It got really hot around mid afternoon and the shade was nice.  Later, it got a bit windy and I had trouble rolling it back up.  I barely avoided a disaster when the wind blew it up while I was trying to collapse it.  That was a close call.

Huge tanker going through the pass.

We had a very relaxing day.  We'd sit out on our chairs, then take a walk, then go inside and snack, then sit out on our chairs again.  I did a lot of reading and Xi and the cats did a lot of napping.  And all the while I could hear the roar of the Gulf.  Just love it.

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