This is what happens when I vacuum.  They all run up on the bunk bed.  This is the only time they gather together.  Notice how they still keep a distance from the new kitty on the left.  Poor little thing.

Packed up the outdoor gear and rode to the dump station.  Went to the office and asked if there was a place for me to get fresh water.  Was told to use the faucet at the dump station.  I explained how that faucet is used to rinse sewer hoses and not clean.  Is this news to a campground worker?

The worker told me I could go into the campground and use one of the water faucets there.  I did.

Rode back to the beach and looked for another spot to park.  I was thinking I'd better park away from the shore as a cold front is coming through tonight and winds will be 25mph.  So, I went to the rock jetties and parked next to Chris who had already moved there herself.  This is a nice area near the sea wall and bay.  However, it was crowded and I didn't like being that close to other campers.  Also, I would be using my generator in the evenings and did not want to disturb anyone.    So I moved near the shore again but stayed near the jetties.

A lot of those cars are folks fishing for the day.

That's Chris and her Toyota near the bay.  

Taking a walk.

Later on, Chris moved near where I was parked.

That tanker is huge.  The little Airstream makes it look gigantic.

All chores done.  Now I'm set for another few days.  
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