Last night I got to watch TV for a change.  There were many channels coming in and I didn't even have my antennae up.  Slept great!  Woke up around 8:00 ready to hit the beach after breakfast.

Got up to make coffee and noticed something dark on Xi Shi's side of the sofa.  Well... a little pile of poop was left by someone who is obviously not happy.  Cleaned it up and went to see if the litter box was dirty.  Stood up on the passenger seat to look into the box up on the bunk bed and felt my foot was wet.  Climbed down and noticed that someone had peed on Xi Shi's bed which sits on the passenger seat.  So it would appear that the cats are in rebellion.

I have slip covers on the seats so that helped protect the seat itself but the urine soaked through Xi Shi's bed and the seat cover.  I was furious.

Took the doggie bed and placed it in the sink and tried to soak it in soapy water.  Not easy to do as it soaks up about a gallon of water.  Placed it outside in the sun to dry.  It's now almost 10 hours later and it's still not dry and still has a faint odor.  I'll have to store it in the basement till we get back home.

I placed doggie pads on both seats as well as the sofa just in case the cats tried to do the same thing again.  I am trying to figure out which one did the deed and why.  I can only come up with one answer.  It has never happened before so it must be the new kitten.  Not sure why except jealousy of the dog.  Maybe it's because I close the bedroom door at night... no cats allowed.  But that can't be it because I close my bedroom door at home also and this has never happened.  Tonight I'll leave it open and we'll see.

Xi Shi and I did our usual morning walk on the beach.  I think she's peed on every bush on the beach and has really left her mark. 

On our long walk down the beach, look what we saw.

Let's just say we didn't walk over but ran over the dunes to get back to our camper.

Before leaving the beach, I placed a Peace Rock in one of the biggest bushes on the beach.  We're leaving in the morning. 

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