Race for Life 2011.

As you will know, and if you saw my tweets this morning, I took part in the Sheffield Race for Life this morning and it was brilliant. I signed up a couple of months ago and got cracking with my jogging training  straight away but it soon fizzled out to the bare minimum as I favoured my other workouts such as my Zumba and Jillian dvds. Jogging isn't my favourite form of exercise by any means. I get bored easily (short attention span) and end up heading home at the first opportunity!

I set myself a target of completing the 5k in 35 minutes, or perhaps a little bit longer as the sun was well and truly el-scorchio at 9.30am this morning. 

 Morning face.

The first 1k was slow and steady - it was difficult to get past walkers and people with pushchairs, etc. But then I got into my stride and didn't take a break until I approached the 3k mark where I took a very short break just to get my puff back on a hill. Then I sprinted off realising that I would beat my target if I got a wiggle on. I reached the 4k mark and the WORST stitch of my life set in and it felt like I would surely be sick. But it felt better to keep running as opposed to walking (even though the finish was up a hill!) and I managed to keep going, thanks to the crowds cheering us on and the finish line in sight - plus knowing Jonathan was there waiting for me :)

I finished in 32 minutes 55 seconds which I'm so pleased with. Just think, without the stitch and the steady start I could have been even quicker! I really surprised myself and it's clear to see my fitness levels have increased massively since this time last year.

I can't recommend taking part in a Race for Life event enough. Such great atmosphere and what a great way to raise money for Cancer Research and get fit. I took part on my own this year and although I felt a little panicky in the overwhelming crowds at first, as soon as I got going I was fine and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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