Well, I finally heard from the realtor today.  The news is that the buyer was told by her bank that she would need to put down a larger amount towards the purchase of my camp.  She said she could not come up with that money.  So, the realtor told her that the property was going back on the market and that when she had the money in hand she could come back and make an offer.  That dingbat buyer has held up this transaction for months.  I had to sign extension after extension while she tried to get financing.  She asked the realtor if I would consider a lease-purchase agreement.  The realtor told her no.
So now I have to go back to the camp and start cleaning the deck, cutting the grass, cleaning the pool, etc.  -  all things I hate to do.  Emotionally, I let go of that property a long time ago.  When I purchased my motorhome I stopped spending any time there and can't stand to go back for any reason.  I'll spend a few days there and then head for the State Park for a while.  That should ease my anxiety about it all.
The only good thing about all this is that we can go back to the original asking price and just might get an offer closer to it than this last buyer offered.  I hope so.  It would have been really hard to take a $30,000 loss on the deal.
What a bummer.
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