Sunday waffling.

I had a long overdue haircut at an actual hairdressers yesterday. Jonathan was the last person to trim my hair. Prior to that it was a horrible woman at Supercuts. And the few times before that it was my Mum! Since the age of 15 I have dyed my hair every colour possible, and have had every style possible including a 'posh bob' and bonded hair extensions down to my bum. Last year I took the plunge back to my natural hair colour after being blonde for years and years, and since then it has all been about getting the condition back and trying to grow it as long as possible. I've basically left it alone and let it do its own thing.

A professional cut meant losing the scraggly ends and having a general tidy up. To say I lost a little bit of length it still looks bloody long, which I didn't realise properly until I saw it from the back!

I am going to cut down on using hair straighteners (my hair is naturally poker straight so I don't really need them), user deep conditioning treatments on a regular basis and stop tying my hair up as much. I am also only going to wash it when it really needs it, as I'm a complete over-washer and the daily blow drying can't be doing it any good either.

In other news, the people at Munchy Seeds sent me a couple of packets of their seeds recently so last week I added them to my salads. I've been having salad for lunch at work every day for the past few weeks now so I try to add new little bits and bobs to make them more interesting/crunchy/filling. I particularly like cashew nuts, sugar snap peas and croutons. The seeds were tasty and added an interesting taste and texture to my salads, but I'm not sure whether I would make a purchase for more.

Today I was up bright and early (thanks Lily and Lola...) but put the time to good use by doing a bit of housework, an hour of Zumba and watching a few episodes of 24 (series 2) with Jonathan. We're currently making our way through the whole lot and I am hooked! Did you watch them the first time round? I completely missed the boat but am loving me a bit of Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida on a regular basis!

Whilst the Formula 1 is on and keeps Jonathan quiet (does the whizzing of the cars annoying anyone else?!) I'm catching up with Mollie Makes issue 3 and browsing Penguin Clothbound Classic books. I am obsessed with these books (obsessed with looking at them - I don't actually own any yet!) because I think they are completely gorgeous and would be a great thing to collect. I would start off with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass which has a super pretty cover.

Do you collect these? Don't you think they would make great gifts for book worms?

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