Left Palmetto Island State Park around 10:00 this morning and rode around to get photos of the boat launch, fishing pier, pavilions, and water.  It's a pretty long ride even in the coach to get to these sites but they are really nice.  I would have to have a motorized vehicle like a golf cart or something in order to get around this park as it is large and very spread out.

Don't worry... I won't.

Aquatic Pavilion

Loved this site

Picnic Pavilion

Pavilion on the water.

Canoe rentals

Fishing Pier/Boat Dock 

Beautiful view of the water.

Bath House

Water Park

Nature Center and Meeting Room

This pavilion is right next to the water.  This area is absolutely georgeous.  It was well worth the drive.



Arrived at Cypremort Point State Park around noon.  It was a well signed road and had no problems finding it.  Towards the end of the trip I could see the landscape changing.  There were palm trees and houses on stilts, just like back home.  It was a self-pay station but seniors are free so I drove in and rode to the end of the park where there was a beach.  Xi Shi and I walked in the sand and she went into the water.  She gave it a lick and immediately knew it was not fresh water.  It was so funny to see her face once she realized it was salty.  She has been drinking out of just about every lake in Louisiana for the past 6 week so she was surprised at this taste.  This park is 185 acres with access to the Gulf of Mexico.

We played around in the water for awhile then headed back out of the park.  It's a shame that we could not camp overnight as I like this park but it is a day-use only park.  We stopped and talked to a park ranger who said that they would eventually be offering overnight camping but at the moment there is no budget for it. 

Entrance Gate

There were many of these A-Frame shelters along the beach.

Nice cabins

Oh, look... a beach. 

Now don't drink that water Xi Shi.

He just caught him one.

I stood in the tall grass to take this shot.  BIG mistake.

The mosquitoes were aweful here.

I just love the colorful beach houses.  Reminds me of Grand Isle.

The name of his boat is how I was feeling later in the day.

Nice boat launch.

Oh so colorful.

SO NOW ON TO OUR NEXT PARK... just hope I get there before dark.

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