Lemon cupcakes.

I made some pretty successful cupcakes for Jonathan's birthday last week. I originally wanted to make a giant cupcake cake using a mould like this which someone at work kindly lent me, but on the evening of the baking I didn't get home till later than expected and the giant cupcake called for a few things I didn't already have in the baking cupboard, so I opted for good old cupcakes. I've made them before plenty of times so I knew I could whip up a batch and be finished in time for The Apprentice, and indeed I was!

I made more than this don't worry ;)

I used Rachel Allen's lemon cupcake recipe as a starting point. For the first time ever I used Stork instead of butter purely because the local shop didn't have any unsalted butter and the Stork packet said "perfect for cakes". I was a bit wary but it was so much easier making my cupcake mixture as Stork is already very soft and easy to mix with the other ingredients, whereas it can be difficult with butter even when it has been left out of the fridge for a bit.

As well as a winning mixture I also managed to put just the right amount of mixture into the cases, so all in all I was very pleased with the result. I also got the chance to use my new buttercream spreading device thingy (no idea what the proper name is!) which I got for Christmas which made the job so much easier and look much prettier.

Some of the cupcakes got a covering of lemon buttercream and either a sprinkle of sugar stars or some Mini Eggs, and some of the others had a dollop of lemon curd inside and some sprinkles of crushed meringue on the top of the buttercream. They were all yummy!

Now I'm well and truly hungry. I'll just pop the kettle on...

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