This morning after breakfast I loaded up the beach cart with our chairs, ice chest, beach towels, fishing rod, and Xi Shi Quan.  We took off for the fishing pier on the east end of the island.  We followed the shoreline instead of going on the asphalt road behind the park.  I covered Xi's head with a towel, not exactly to hide her but to protect her from the sun.  Her skin is so white that she will get a sunburn if out too long in direct sun. 

Before getting to the pier we stopped and set up our chairs near the water and I enjoyed reading my magazine while she enjoyed the wind in her face.

I let her run around the beach for a few minutes off leash then put her back in her chair.  We met a few people walking the beach and enjoyed their company for awhile.  One couple was from Canada.   Our gentleman friend with the electric bike came by to say hi.  He's been having a blast riding up and down the island on the beach side.  He said they would be coming back in the fall.  I told him I'd be here and will have my own electric bike by that time.  I then did a little fishing but got bored with that real fast.

I packed the beach cart again and we headed for the stairs that led to the pier.  It was really difficult climbing up sand dunes to reach the stairs while pulling about 50 pounds of weight in the beach cart but it was worth it.  I took Xi out of the cart and let her walk to the end of the pier off leash.  I set up our chairs again and finished reading my magzine.  We ate some chips and drank our water and watched the dolphins playing in groups as they swam past us.  It's really hard to get a photo of them.  Every time I hit the button they would go under the water again. 

I let my imagination run free and imagined that we were on the deck of a large ocean ship that was cruising us down to the Caribbean.  It really did feel that way for a second or two as I looked out on the water from our perch.

I didn't realize the time and before I knew it we had been out in the sun for 4 hours.  I'm feeling it tonight.  I put sun block on but obviously not enough and I got burned.  I made sure Xi stayed in the shade so she is fine tonight.  No sun for us tomorrow.

It was a great day.

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