Hart of Dixie - a new show.

I was contacted whilst having a ball in Vegas by a lovely lady to tell me about a new show called Hart of Dixie on a channel called Really, which I admit I hadn't heard of until now. I'm not a massive telly-watcher so it takes something pretty good to get my attention, however with the lure of a special advanced screening and a little bit of intrigue into what the program would be like I watched it the evening we got home, through tired, jet-lagged eyes.

I was quite pleasantly surprised. I do quite like Rachel Bilson already (not as much as Jonathan does though!) and I found her easy to watch and quite likeable. She has an amazing wardrobe in the first episode and I did feel quite envious at her perfectly put together ensembles and the waves in her hair which I can never seem to achieve.

I've never had a Doctor who looks like this...

This is a show I will definitely give another go, maybe watching another one or two episodes before I decide if I will stick with it. It's definitely easy viewing and has the promise of lots of romance, twists and turns, and of course, great outfits!

Hart of Dixie airs tonight at 8pm on Really but if you'd like to watch it online you can catch it here. You'll have to let me know what you think!

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