My friend Sylvia came by for a visit today with her daughter Michelle and her daughter Bailey.  They wanted to take some photos of little 2 year old Bailey on the beach as this is the first time she's ever seen the Gulf or the beach.  This was something I knew I would enjoy.  I don't remember the first time I saw the Gulf but I have many memories of time spent here in my early teens.  However, there are no photos of those times.  How I wish there were.

Michelle, Xi Shi, Bailey, and Sylvia

Notice where Xi Shi is sitting.  Bailey is afraid of her.  She said the dog looked mad and would have nothing to do with her.  Xi Shi wanted to play with her and kept trying to lick her face.  Poor little Xi.

Took a few photos of everyone at the coach then we headed for the beach.  Bailey's mom had gotten her a sand bucket and shovel as well as sunglasses, a beach hat, bathing suit and beach shoes.  She was ready to go.

Such a sweet child.

Bailey's mom showing her what the bucket and shovel are for.

Once she got the hang of that...

... It's time to say hello to the ocean.  She was afraid at first but we took our time and let her know that she was safe.

She really didn't know what to make of it.  The movement of the water made her dizzy.

She lost her balance and fell down at one point.  We were anxious to make sure she did not have a negative experience so we explained that it was OK to fall down in the water.  Then we spent some time each holding one of her hands and I stopped taking photos so we could show her it was fun to splash the water and get wet.  I bent down and took her hand and showed her how we could catch a wave.  She liked that and after awhile was laughing and doing it on her own.

It took a while to get that smile.

Her mom kept encouraging her to go into the water a little further, and she did.

Then it was time to take a break and get into some shade.  There was an available sheltered picnic table and we all enjoyed that for a time.  She got to wear her new sunglasses and pose for the camera. 

A cool rinse off before leaving the beach.

Nice and dry and in her new beach hoodie she's ready to go back to the campsite for some snacks and a cool drink.

What an experience for her.  Now she'll have these photos to help her remember when she saw the ocean for the first time.

It was my priviledge, Bailey, to be a part of this day with you.

Thank you all for coming to visit with me and Xi.

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