Life lately (through Instagram) #3

It has been a busy few weeks for us mainly due to being out and about over the Bank Holiday weekend and having lots to organise for our trip to Las Vegas. All of the important stuff is sorted now but there's still the small matter of buying a dress for my Sister's hen night and actually finding some holiday clothes that I like in the shops. I must have been shopping half a dozen times and left empty handed.

One of the things on my to-do-list was to get contact lenses so that I can actually see where I'm going on my Sister's wedding day (I don't want to be tripping up!) and also so that I can wear sunglasses as I don't have any prescription ones. Well it has been a testing few days trying them out at home and subsequently spending hours and hours trying to get the damn things back out. I'm getting better though! I'll get there eventually. It is nice to have them in and have a break from my glasses. I'd almost forgotten what I look like without them on!

I will miss Lily and Lola dearly while I'm away but I'm sure they'll be grand. As long as they have sleep and treats (plenty of 'em) they're happy as larry.

My friend and I visited The Button Tin in Rotherham the other weekend after I spotted a feature in Mollie Makes magazine. Well, we not only fell in love with the Imperial Buildings (which Diane talks about here) which houses The Button Tin but we also loved this treasure of a place itself. At The Button Tin you can take part in workshops using fabric and as much artistic flair as you like. My friend and I are certainly up for doing one as soon as we can!

We also secretly dream about owning our own shop in the Imperial Buildings and helping to restore it to its former glory!

I'd love to go back to get some photos of the Imperial Buildings as the history and detail was wonderful to see.

I've gone a bit cross stitch mad recently and I've got two rather adventurous projects on the go at the moment. One will take me a fair while and is one of those things I will pick up and put down whenever I get a spare half an hour (it doesn't happen often!) but the other is something for our kitchen which I'm hoping to finish as soon as I can.

I started a new book recently (When God Was A Rabbit) and a few people have asked me if it's any good. It's quite different to the style of books I have been reading recently but I love the way it is written. It is very descriptive and almost dreamy in the way the words flow on the page. I'm looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds.

I hope you all had a good Bank Holiday weekend and you're enjoying a short week this week (if you were lucky enough to get the Bank Holidays off work that is!) Some of mine was spent in Leeds and some of it was spent like this:

... and it was glorious!
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