Sunshine & shandy.

Oh what a lovely 4 days off we have had. As always it has flown by but we managed to fit lots in. We had an impromptu barbecue with some friends on Friday afternoon/evening to celebrate the arrival of our garden furniture and the sunny weather, which was great until I banged my head and cut it open. I'm not sure how I didn't faint at the sight of a handful of blood.. needless to say my head is very sore 2 days later. Ouch!

We have eaten non stop for 4 days which isn't good considering I have to be ready to be seen in public in a bikini in just over 2 weeks time! Lots of salad and exercise for the next 2 weeks me thinks.

It was Jonathan's birthday last Thursday so, thanks to the glorious weather, we had a drive to Totley to the Cricket Inn pub and sat in their beer garden for hours and hours. We ate lots of food (breads and dips & whitebait to start followed by steak & stilton sandwich (me) and roast pork & stuffing sandwich (Jonathan) with chips). All of the food was great, especially washed down with a shandy or two.

Thursday saw some amazing weather over in our neck of the woods and it was nice just to feel some sun on my skin after months of covering up in woolly jumpers.

As it was Jonathan's birthday I had woken up early that morning to make a big birthday breakfast, and made a batch of cupcakes the evening before (more on those soon). We took a couple with us on our trip, and munched them in the car on the way home.

After a drive through some rather adorable places and nosying at some impressive houses, we drove home and relaxed in the garden to enjoy the rest of the sunshine.

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