Slept till 9:30 this morning.  Took a shower and got ready for our long morning walk.  Fed Xi Shi but I only had coffee.  According to the campground map, the beach wasn't very far.  So off we went.

We found a paved walking trail not far from our camp.  It doesn't go very far but was really whimsical in the way it was laid out.  It connects to the fishing pier and leads to the campground road down from our site.

On our way to the picnic area we saw a dead snake in the road that had been run over by a vehicle.  I asked a fellow riding by if he knew what kind it was but he didn't. 

We walked to the day use area and there were only a few teens parked in the parking lot sitting on the tail gate of their trucks and surrounded by the arouma of Cannabis.  I was pleased to see that the area was not crowded and excited about seeing the beach.  As we approached the bath house I noticed the sign.

We couldn't even get close enough for me to take a photo.  So I'll have to return in the coach tomorrow when we leave.

Met a nice couple and their daughter riding their bikes.  We talked about different state parks in Louisiana and I told them my favorites.  We shared info and then went on our way.

Xi Shi made two new friends when we met up with these young girls walking thier dogs.

Passed by the Laundromat and playground.

Once back in the campground, I noticed a site that would be ideal.  It is site #38.  It has a deck and lots of privacy and looks out over the fishing pier.  It's my favorite, so far.  It happens to be right across the street from me.

Got back to my site and had lunch.  Now it's nap time.  It's supposed to rain again today so I'm glad we did our walk this morning.

Tomorrow I need to stop at the WalMart in Winnfield as well as get fuel.  Our next campground is almost 3 hours away so it'll be a long day for me.

Peace Rock placed. 
We're leaving in the morning.

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