Canon 1100D.

I recently took the plunge and treated myself to a new camera. The Canon 1100D to be precise. I wanted to step up from my digital camera without venturing too far into fancy camera land, and this model seemed to be the one most recommended for beginners.

My digital camera has served me well and will still be used all the time, but it only takes good photos outdoors or indoors on a bright, sunny day which isn't always ideal.

I love taking photos on holidays and days out, as well as capturing outfits, makeup and the Pugs for my blog, and I thought it was about time I made an investment into something that would be more reliable.

Still very much sticking to "auto" mode, but dabbling slightly in the macro and sport settings, my initial impressions are very, very good. Since I bought the camera the sun hasn't made an appearance but even indoor nighttime photos using the flash come out so much better than my digitial camera ever did outdoors in perfect conditions.

I am really excited about getting into photography a lot more and (hopefully) taking some great photos. Lily and Lola have been very patient models for me and I have been enticing them to keep still using their favourite treats. But before they become obese through doggie treats I plan to venture outside or take the camera on a day out somewhere to really give it a good testing out.

Do you have this camera? Any tips for a beginner like me? Have you done any photography courses or would you recommend doing one as a newbie?

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