When I returned home from the Grand Isle State Park, I removed the electric bike from the basement of the RV in order to clean off the sand.  I had put the bike into the basement twice and removed it now twice with no problems.  However, two days later I experienced terrific pain in my right wrist and hand.  I could not figure out what happened as I had done nothing that day to hurt myself.  It took me a week to figure out that it was when I removed the bike from the RV when I got home from the beach.

I placed an ace bandage on my arm and just waited for it to heal.  Well, a week later it was not improving but getting worse.  So I went in for an X-ray and luckily it was not broken but has torn ligaments which is very painful.  I was given a prescription for a topical ointment for pain and fitted for an arm brace to wear for 4 to 6 weeks.  Isn't that just great?!!!

Now my plan for an extended trip in the RV is on hold.  This is the time of year that I really like to travel and I'll be sitting at home healing... slowly... very slowly.  The doctor told me that the topical ointment would bypass my stomach and therefore not hurt my ulcers.  Not true.  Within 3 days I was in severe stomach pain that I'm very familiar with as I have 3 ulcers.  So no more help in alleviating the pain.  I'll just wear the brace, keep it still, and wait for it to heal.

My RV door lock arrived during all of this and I am now unable to install it myself.  So am waiting for a friend to come for a visit to have it installed.  I have come to realize just how awkward it is not to be able to use your right hand.  I can name a list of things I can no longer do without experiencing a lot of pain.  I do try to use my left hand and as difficult as it is to do so, I'm managing.

So for now I'm trying to be patient and wait for the injury to heal.  I had planned a long trip to Florida and up the coast to Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, but not sure if I'll be able to go this year.  I don't want to travel in the hot months which are just around the corner.  April was my time to do that trip and I'll still be wearing the brace.  I could still go on the trip but would not be able to use the bike or deploy my RV awning or maneuver through the dumping process with ease.  So here I sit at the most beautiful time of the year looking at my RV sitting in the driveway.

It's always something.

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