Decided to call a locksmith today.  Found one in Grand Isle and he came over around 2:30.  An hour later he had the door opened.  He found the broken pieces and said he would take the mechanism to his house where he would attempt to patch it up.  He returned with a temporary fix and warned me to get it changed as soon as possible.  He said if I ordered the part he would install it for me for free.  He worked on it for 3 hours and  his fee is usually $60 an hour but he only charged me for 2 hours.  I was thankful for that.

He gave me a receipt and said to try and get my road side assistance to pay for it.  I hadn't even thought of calling Good Sam.  They just might pay for it.

So now I have to find the part.  I called Camping World and they said that they don't work on door locks and that I had to contact the dealership.  I think I will just try and get the part and let the locksmith install it.  It is a Tri Mark 60-650 and goes for$64.95 on  I could probably install it myself as I watched him closely today as he took it apart.

I'll be leaving tomorrow for home and will look for a replacement at a couple of camping stores in town.  If they can beat Amazon's price I'll get it locally.

The weather here is getting colder with a low tonight of mid 30s which is just a tad too cold for the beach.
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