Cocoa Wonderland, Sheffield.

At the weekend my friend and I ventured into Sheffield to visit somewhere we have had our eye on for a while but not found time to visit; Cocoa Wonderland. Sounds pretty fancy doesn't it?

I originally stumbled upon their website when I was trying to find some book and craft clubs in South Yorkshire, as Cocoa run a book club and a knitting club on a regular basis so they popped up in my results. We weren't too sure whether there was the option to sit inside and have treats as well as buying chocolate to take away, but we decided to take a drive up there to find out.

When you walk inside you're met with a small shop area with chocolate everywhere. It's brilliant. It was so busy when we arrived, possibly due to lots of people purchasing last minute Mothers Day presents, that we headed straight through the shop into the small downstairs seating area. Luckily there was a little cosy corner with a couple of free chairs and a table just right for the two of us. There was more seating upstairs, and I'd have loved to go up to have a nosy at the decor, but we stuck to downstairs and perused the menus.

If I ran a chocolate shop/cafe, I would want it to be kitted out just like Cocoa is. Well-worn armchairs, vintage framed postcards and artwork covering every wall surface, and shelves full of pretty items to purchase from giant Easter eggs to fancy photo frames, stripey drinking straws, paper lanterns, and fabric purses.

It can only be described as the Alice in Wonderland of chocolate shops. I only wish I had taken my 'proper' camera instead of having to take snaps with my iPhone, but hopefully you get the gist of it!

What happened next can only be described as a distinct lack of judgement when we placed our orders. We both went for hot chocolate AND a chocolate based cake. Katy had the Rocky Road hot chocolate along with a huge pecan brownie. I opted for the "thick" hot chocolate and a huge slab of double chocolate gateaux.

My chocolate gateaux was delicious and I ate every last morsel of it. The thick hot chocolate was just too rich for me and I utterly regretted not going for a strawberry and white chocolate milkshake, a cup of regular tea, or a normal milky hot chocolate.

Katy polished off her hot chocolate which was topped with "rocky road" goodies but only managed half of her brownie (although I think the other half lasted for about 30 minutes once she got it home...) I had a cheeky bite of the brownie and can confirm it was delicious!

We will be going back without a doubt! Next time we would like to sample one of the tasting platters and I am determined to try a milkshake, as I had complete envy over the other diners who had opted for one.

On our way out we needed to pick up a few bits from the shop for Mothers Day but it was still heaving, with the queue snaking round the shop and nobody quite knowing who was next. The girls behind the counter did a cracking job of serving us all quickly with a smile on their faces, and the time in the queue gave us chance to have a look at the truffles behind the counter and some of the bars of chocolate on display, although it was difficult to get a look at everything. 

We ordered our boxes of truffles, which were wrapped beautifully, and made our way out of the shop and back to the car feeling a little high on sugar but happy nonetheless.

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