Last weekend.

This week has run away with itself a little bit therefore it's almost time for a brand new weekend when here I am talking about the last one! Nonetheless I thought I'd share what we got up to last Saturday and Sunday along with a few photos I took with my new camera.

On Saturday I consumed way more crumble and custard than any one human should, paraded round in my new studded pumps as it stopped raining for all of 10 minutes and saw both my family and Jonathan's family.

My sister was back at my mum and dad's for a few days (she lives on the Isle of Man) so on Saturday they drove to Rotherham to see us. My sister even brought one of her dogs, Chilli the Chihuahua, who I love so dearly but haven't seen in so long. He's a little old man now and, as my sister got him as a wee puppy, he has been in our family for a rather long time (he's about12 years old if I'm not mistaken!)

After a cup of tea and a catch up we headed out for lunch at the Golden Ball in Rotherham, one of our favourite places to go for food. Service was a little slower than it has been for us in the past but we put that down to there being 5 of us instead of just Jonathan and I, plus we weren't in a rush. I had vegetable soup with bread and butter to start with, followed by a sweet potato and bean burger with chips, then finally the biggest bowl of apple and cherry crumble I have ever seen complete with ice cream AND custard.

Needless to say this lunch was more of a lunch and dinner all in one and probably my whole calorie allowance for the weekend, but not to worry. It was great to see my folks and my sister, who I don't get to see very often, and any excuse for a huge meal!

On Sunday we headed to Jonathan's mum and dad's house for a big Sunday lunch which is always followed by a cup of tea and a large quantity of biscuits and After Eight mints. Well if you can't treat yourself on a weekend, when can you?! ;)

The theme for the weekend ahead mainly revolves around food. We're going for dinner with friends and having a relaxing day on Sunday when no doubt we will cook something tasty and probably slightly fattening.

Have a good Friday folks!

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