Hair talk: featuring Mollie King (The Saturdays) and Nicole Richie.

There are no two ways about it, my hair feels like a mess at the moment. Since dying my highlighted blonde locks back to my natural(ish) colour in 2010, after being a blondie for 6years, I haven't done much to my hair and it has left me feeling a bit drab and in need of a boost/change.

At first I enjoyed the amount of money I saved as well as the improvement in the condition of my hair which meant less visits the hairdresser for a haircut (something that fills me with dread), but now I'm ready to feel pretty again!

First things first, I am fairly certain I'm going to have a chunk of hair cut off. I do love having long hair but I think sometimes it's more of a "security blanket" feeling rather than it actually looking nice. I can't achieve any volume (and lord knows I have tried using every product under the sun) and my ends aren't thick enough to give me a full, bouncy-looking mane.

Initially I thought that a couple of inches off would be brave enough to start with but, having previously had my hair in every colour and style under the sun, I'm kind of thinking of going the whole hog and having it cut quite a bit shorter. I really like Mollie King's hair (from The Saturdays) as it looks lovely whether it's straight or styled into waves. Hopefully losing some length and having a really good cut would mean I could achieve a bit more body and it would make drying/styling my hair a lot easier.

There is a part of me shouting "noooo don't do it!" but it's only hair right? It grows back! My hair grows like weeds, which is why it's so long now, so it wouldn't be the end of the world if I wasn't 100% happy with it (I lie.. it definitely would be).

I think Mollie's hair looks particularly lovely because it's a great colour which leads me nicely onto my next topic...

I want to change my colour!

When I was blonde I always used Nicole Richie's blonde hair as a reference (usually the picture) and I loved it. I had a blonde short "pob" like Frankie from the Saturdays, which then grew into a bob which I sometimes curled like Nicole below. I dabbled in extensions at one point and experimented with a full fringe and side fringes too. Yes it was a bit of a pain having to go to the hairdressers every 5 weeks but I felt pretty and was usually happy with my hair, the colour especially.

Unfortunately my old hairdresser is winging her way round Australia at the moment but I have a consultation booked in next week with a really good hairdresser in Leeds (who will cost an arm and a leg but if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it properly!)

I'm not sure what they'll think of my colour plans as, now that I have brown hair again, a lot of people can't imagine me being blonde. But most people who knew me as blonde aren't too keen on my brunette hair (Mum, I'm looking at you!) so all I can do is go armed with photos and see what happens.

My back up photo is this lovely Wildfox model who actually has the Mollie King hair cut going on, as well as a colour which would, I assume, be easier to achieve on my hair and look more natural too.

Help guys! What do you think - go for the chop? Change the colour? Did you read my blog when I was blonde? Is it time to let the blonde go and go for a more natural colour like the one above? I need your advice!

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