25 facts about me.

1) I was born on the 3rd of February 1985 in Leeds, weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 9 1/2 ounces!

2) I am 5'5.

3) I dropped out of university after a couple of weeks.

4) I have one sibling, my sister Adele, who is 2 years older than me and currently lives on the Isle of Man.

5) Pretty much all of my friends call me VJ. However at high school I was known as Vicci (I was very precise about the spelling!) but I grew to hate it. When I started working and people asked what I wanted to be known as I became plain old Victoria. I sometimes get Vix or Vic which I don't mind so much.

6) Jonathan and I met at work. As I worked in HR and sent out the offer packs one day his paperwork landed on my desk for a manager position in a different department. A couple of months after he started we got chatting over a mutual love of cake and cups of tea before he added me on Facebook. We chatted on Facebook for hours and hours, and weeks and weeks, before we decided to go to the cinema as friends. The following day we went out for dinner and decided we'd quite like to be boyfriend/girlfriend.

7) I'm not very good at sticking to hobbies. When I was little I tried ballet, tap, Brownies, guitar lessons, percussion playing, martial arts, the list goes on.

8) I remember really useless snippets of information about celebrities. I can tell you who has dated who, their entire back catalogue of acting jobs and lots of random trivia. I'm also good at remembering faces so I will see someone in a film and instantly recognise them from some obscure work they did about 20 years ago.

9) I have never broken a bone *touches wood*.

10) I wore a train-track style brace on my teeth (top AND bottom) when I was 13 years old for about a year as I had a huge gap in the middle of my two front teeth.

11) I cried when the brace was taken off as I thought my teeth looked far too big without it. I am often told I have big teeth but what the heck, at least they're straight.

12) Talking about teeth, I have zero fillings and live in fear of the day I need my first one!

13) Before I met Jonathan I never wanted to get married or have children. Now I would like to do both (one day, don't panic Jonathan!) but a big traditional white wedding is my idea of hell.

14) I grew up in a pet-mad house and I can't imagine life without pets of some kind. My parents had Rough Collies when I was younger as well as cats, guinea pigs, mice and budgies. I had gerbils. My first two were called Itchy and Scratchy and my second two were Kevin and Perry.

15) I would love a third dog in the shape of a male black Pug or a French Bulldog.

16) I cry all the time. It's rather embarrassing and means I avoid certain programmes or films when in the company of others. Going to the cinema can be rather problematic too! I cry at books, adverts, missing pet posters, and anything happy/heartwarming.

17) My weakness is biscuits. I find it's easier to avoid them as much as possible as I can never have "just one". I sometimes ask Jonathan to hide the biscuit tin from me.

18) I am very clumsy and am therefore covered in scars. I have a huge scar on the inside of my finger from cutting open a bread roll but not stopping in time and slicing through my skin(!)

19) I have a scar between my eyes from a kitchen knife incident. A childhood friend decided to get a knife out of our kitchen drawer and jokingly wave it around, pretending to be some sort of kung-fu fighter. Unfortunately the knife blade was loose, flew out of the handle, bounced off the kitchen door and hit me right between the eyes. He ran away crying while my sister and I stopped the bleeding and put a hat on my head so my parents wouldn't see it. The first thing my mum said when she saw me was "why are you wearing a hat? what's happened?"

20) The feedback from my teachers at school was always that I chatted to my friends too much and did too much clock watching.

21) When I was about 14 I was bullied at school for several months and it was the worst time of my life.

22) I used to hate mushrooms with an absolute passion. Now I eat them all the time and can eat huge Portobello ones as long as I don't look at the frilly bits too closely.

23) I'm an all or nothing kind of person. For example I either read books round the clock or I read zilch. I don't like doing lots of different things for small amounts of time. I'd rather pick one thing and do it lots. Does that make sense?!

24) My parents have been married since 1976! My Mum is from Leeds but my dad is from London and looks/sounds a lot like Del Boy.

25) Even though I am from Leeds I have an accent which people often can't place, which perhaps stems from gaining a mixture of my parents accents.

I hope you made it this far and enjoyed reading my facts! I may do a part two at some point although it's hard to share things that you don't already know. I had to dig deep in my brain for these!

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