We finally made it to the beach.  We've been waiting patiently for the weather to clear up and it finally did today so here we are once again at the Grand Isle State Park.  It is windy and cold but sunny and we're glad to be out camping in our motorhome again.

Cha Bu finally got Xi Shi to switch beds with her on this trip.  Here she is sleeping in the larger bed.

When I checked in at the park office I was informed that the campground has no manager and no ranger.  Nick who had been the manager for the last year has transferred to another state park and the ranger is at the Police Academy.  The worker was very friendly and we had a long conversation about dogs on the beach.  I told her my story and the arrangement I had with Nick and she said that there will be no one to tell me anything during my stay if I take my dogs on the beach.  I was sure glad to hear that.  Although this is temporary, I will be enjoying my stay this week and not have to worry about walking off the park with my dogs in order to enjoy the beach with them.   I purchased the electric bike in order to carry the dogs in their cart to the far side of the park where we were allowed to bring the dogs.  This week I won't have to do that.  However, I will still use the bike to see how well it rides on the beach.

Got to my site and set up then took the dogs for a walk.  This is Cha Bu's first time at the beach and boy does she love it.  She behaved a lot like Xi Shi did when she first walked on the sand and saw the Gulf.

They love smelling seaweed.

The wind is about 20 mph and she seems to love it.

This is when she first realizes that there is water in the distance. 

She went right for it.

She gave it a lick and now knows that it is not very tasty.

We returned to the RV and I later took them for a walk around the campground.  She pulled me in all directions wanting to smell every blade of grass.  So many smells... so little time.

Got back to the coach and boiled the shrimp that I picked up at the dock on the way in.  My friend Pat came over and we enjoyed the shrimp, potatoes, dip, and beer.  He was kind enough to work on my RV today and saved me some money on repairs.  He replaced a couple of screws that came loose on the outside corner molding of the coach.  I'm always so relieved when he can repair things on my RV so I don't have to take it in to a shop.  Thanks again Pat.

The dogs are sleeping next to me on the sofa as I write this.  It's been a great day.  Looking forward to tomorrow when I set up the bike and the doggie carrier.

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