Flashback Thursday: seeing Zooey Deschanel in the flesh!

Back in 2010, just after dying my blonde locks brown, before I lost a heap of weight and before Jonathan and I had met, I went to London to watch She & Him. I'm a huge fan of their music and have been since I first heard their beautiful, easy-listening sound, so when I heard they were coming to the UK I snapped up some tickets.

They were superb live, and the small venue meant we were super close to the stage. Zooey is absolutely tiny in real life and, of course, very beautiful.

Unfortunately the camera I had back then didn't cope well with their louder songs plus the sound cut out when I zoomed in (#fail) but never mind. I still managed to put together a few video clips and I thought, in the spirit of "Flashback Thursday" which I have seen floating around Instagram and Twitter, I would share the video once more.

I store all of my videos on Vimeo, as You Tube scares the living daylights out of me, so feel free to have a nosy if you're bored!

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