A birthday at Beamish.

As I mentioned here we went to Beamish on Sunday for my 28th birthday. For those who don't know, Beamish is a "living museum" in County Durham which is split into different areas such as the Edwardian Town, the Pit Village, and Home Farm, with trams every 20 minutes to take you from one area to the next.

It took a couple of hours to drive there but it was a nice easy route, although a tad hair raising in the strong wind in my little Smart car!

We were hoping it wouldn't be too busy which luckily it wasn't as I think the blustery wind and cold temperatures had put people off the idea of an outdoors museum. Us? We're hard as nails!

The Edwardian Town, where we ended up last, was our favourite bit. You feel like you have stepped back in time and it was so interesting wandering around looking at, and going inside, the buildings, shops and houses. The sweet shop was a particular favourite, as was the dental surgery and the singing teachers home which was crammed full of furniture and trinkets.

There were staff dressed up at every turn to explain a little more about each house or shop. Let's just say, I wouldn't have wanted dental treatment back in those days. Ouch!

It was extremely windy so you will have to excuse my hair which I gave up on. I will say that the weather conditions combined with everything being nicely spread out meant that it was nice and quiet, which meant we often felt like we had the place to ourselves.

We braved the chilly walk up to the top of a hill to see Pockerley Old Hall which represents the home of a wealthy family in the 1800s. After having a good nosy round, warming ourselves up by the many wood burning fires, and trying some oatmeal and cheese(!) biscuits that had just been served up in the kitchen we felt ready to head back outside.

If you haven't been it's definitely worth a visit. We would like to go back when there's a special event on or a theme such as Bonfire Night or Christmas. Our tickets give us entry for one year which is brilliant, so we may well go back.

I imagine it would be lovely in warmer months where you could take a picnic and sit on the picnic area by the Edwardian Town.

Blowfish boots c/o Sarenza

If you've been to Beamish let me know if you enjoyed it. I imagine it's not everyone's cup of tea but I personally love places like this (I'm a fan of Eden Camp too!) so I had a great time.

If you haven't been but you plan to, allow a good few hours for your visit (I think we took about 3 hours or so, but if you look at every little bit of detail it could take much longer) and wrap up warm! It's also worth checking the website for the opening times and days that they're closed, as well as checking the calendar for any special events you could go to!

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