Happy Mardi Gras to everyone!  The weather here is awful and I'm not going to the parade today.  It's a good thing I went to a night parade a couple of days ago when the weather was nice. 

I invited a friend Carolyn and her dog Prince to go with us in the RV to the parade.  We parked as close to the street as we could in a shopping center parking lot and had a good view of the parade route.  Opened up the slide and had lots of room for the doggies to play.  I brought a pizza and beer and other snacks and we enjoyed munching down while waiting for the parade.  We were in a well lit area and right next to a Daiquiri Shop.

Carolyn had a friend who was riding in the parade and we waited for her float to arrive and walked to the street so she could get a special throw from her friend.  It was a little chilly and I didn't wear my coat so today I'm having a relapse of my sore throat.  But Carolyn did get a nice necklace and we both caught bags of necklaces thrown our way.  I especially like the rubber footballs that were thrown.  These are great to use for outdoor doggie toys for the back yard.  Carolyn got 2 of those and gave them to me.

It was a great time and I'm glad we attended that night parade because today there is 80% chance of rain.  We'll be staying in and enjoying our fireplace... unless I have to go out to buy more Nyquil ;-)

My Mardi Gras girls.

Those are baby shirts bought at WalMart and unsnapped for the doggies.

My Cha Bu giving me a look and asking why was I holding her back.  She just can't keep still for one minute.

Prince and Carolyn

Heating up the pizza.

Photos I don't want my doctor to see... ;-) 

Pizza and beer... my favorite foods.

Prince getting into the Mardi Gras spirit wearing my feather boa.

This is how it looked when we left the coach to go to the street.  I was surprised that Cha Bu climbed up onto the dashboard.

We were in an area that was roped off so not many folks in front of us... however, the street was crowded. 

My favorite float... featuring Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans.

Here are our darlings patiently waiting for our return.

That's Cha Bu sitting on her front seat bed and Prince on the sofa.

They were very well behaved and we all enjoyed the night out.

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