It was less than 10 years ago that I was riding a Heritage Softail Clasic, my 4th Harley Davidson.  I loved that bike.
Now I'm riding an eletric bicycle. 
How things do change... and in my case it is due to aging and illness.
I'm sure I'll have loads of fun riding my little doggies around with this bike but taking it on its first run down my street today sure did bring back old memories of my biking days.  I had motorcycles for over 20 years and never thought I'd be without one.  That's life... I guess. 
I didn't realize how fast 15 mph can feel on a bicycle.  I don't think I'll need that much speed for what I'm wanting to do.  The seat will be the big problem.  I only rode for a short time up and down my street and my behind was feeling the pain of that awful seat.  I'll have to put some padding on it if I'm to ride for any distance at all.  At one point I was standing while riding because it hurt so bad.  I'll figure something out.
I tried riding in a field of grass and didn't have much power of movement and had to pedal hard to move forward.   Once on cement it was easy riding.  I'm hoping that when I ride it on the beach that it will move easy across the hard sand.  I'm pretty sure it will but can't wait to try and find out for sure.
Hoping to be at the beach sometime next week.
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