Took the electric bike out of the basement this morning and connected the doggie cart to it with no problems encountered.  Put the doggies in it and off we went. It was windy but sunny and a really nice day for enjoying the beach.

Our campsite

Crossing over the levee which is brick was not easy.  The bike could not make it up the high incline without me pedaling really hard.  I was a little disappointed about that.  I got off and walked it over to the top and then rode down on to the beach.

Xi Shi loves riding in her cart but Cha Bu scratched at the screen to get out.  Eventually she relaxed and enjoyed the ride around the beach.

The sand was packed from the recent rain and it was easy to cross over to the water's edge.  Riding along the packed sand near the water was a breeze.  We rode a good ways up the beach and then back to the pier down the beach with no problems.  Then I noticed that the battery was discharged and down to a half charge and realized I had not charged it in over a week.  So back to the campground we went and let it charge for a couple of hours.  

Before heading back I let the dogs off leash so they could run and play.  I trust Xi Shi to return to me when called but that little rascal Cha Bu is not trained for many voice commands and she took off running and never looked back.  I called her and clapped my hands so she could hear me over the loud wind blowing but she kept on going.  I ran after her and just as she was about to climb over the grassy part of the levee I got her to come to me.  Whew!!!  That was a big relief.  She remained on a leash the rest of the time we are out of the camper.

I was filming her thinking she would return to me when called.  Then I realized she was about to go over the levee and into a marshy area.  That's when I stopped filming and started running.

I will put her in training as soon as we get back home.  It's hard to teach her when Xi Shi is nearby as she wants a reward for everything I ask Cha Bu to do so I will take Cha Bu out of the house and train her away from her big sister.

I have to admit that I felt her joy at being able to run as fast as she could and as far as she could for the first time in her life.  If she learns to come when called she will be able to run again on the beach but she'll have to prove herself to me first.

Here she is back on leash and running into the water.

She is fascinated with the waves..

Both having a good time.  Xi Shi is off leash and was easy to handle as she responds well to commands.

Xi Shi goes further and further out each time we come to the beach.

That's a happy Shih Tzu face.

Later this afternoon I returned to the beach alone with my folding chair in the doggie cart and rode around for a while.  Parked and read one of my Coastal Living magazines.  Several folks stopped by to chat and it was a very relaxing time for me.  

The electric bike is a lot of fun and pretty easy to pedal on hard sand.  I did have some difficulty when we hit soft wet sand.  The tires tended to sink a bit and the motor could not get me out so I had to walk it out.  As for the ride on asphalt... a piece of cake.  So, I guess I'll give the bike a rating of 8 on a 1-10 rating scale.  I know there are electric bikes out there that are higher end bikes and would probably be more powerful and able to climb small hills but I wasn't willing to pay $2000 for a bike.  This one will do just fine for what I want it for.  The dogs loved riding in their little red cart.

Came home and had lunch of leftover boiled shrimp then took the dogs for another walk around the campground.  There are about 4 other dogs in the campground and we stopped and visited with all of them.

It was a fun filled day for us all and my babies are asleep next to me now - exhausted.

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