All by myself

I have got the apartment all to myself this weekend - yay! My bf is doing a charity bike ride from Liverpool to Leeds along the canal so up he got at 5.20am (!!) this morning and I had to drive him there!

After a horrendous drive back from Liverpool through rain that was so bad I couldn't see the cars around me, I went to the hairdressers to get my roots done. I get foils in 2 colours and then a colour inbetween. I love going to my hairdresser; she's lovely and we always have a good natter. Then I proceeded to watch some of my favourite musicals and danced around the apartment like a maniac (the blinds were closed thank God!)

Little Shop of Horrors

Hairspray (the newest one). I love Zac Efron in this. Yes I know I'm old enough to know better. hehe

Bugsy Malone

Then I took my doggies for a walk then we all went for a well deserved nap.

As you can see they all love each other very much!

The 'quick nap' turned into 3 hours, oops. After a quick dash to the shops for pizza, foam sweets and PERCY PIGS I'm all set for the night!

A night out is long overdue with my best mate; I have not seen her for a while and we need to catch up so hopefully we can get back to our rightful places at 'OK Karaoke' fairly soon!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far and don't forgot a card for your pops tomorrow! Me and my Mum & Dad are going out for some lunch (my Sister can't come, she's in Gibralter for 6 months..lucky bugger!)

Lots of love,


P.S. I just joined Twitter.. if you would like to add me feel free! - lilyloveslola.
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