The lovely Lipstick Rules 123 ( has nominated me for not one, but 3 awards! I'm super happy and will display them on my sidebar with pride :)

The rules state that I have to pass on the kind gesture to some more blogs that I follow. I have so many favourite blogs that I check out every day and I love them all, but I have narrowed it down to these 5 gorgeous peeps:

Tink in my Closet -
She is so lovely and posts lots of outfit pics & pretty pictures.

Sadie's Wardrobe -
I only came across her blog recently but it's lovely and I love how she adjusts charity shop clothes and looks super stylish!

Hele Says -
Her blog is brill.. loads of make-up reviews, loads of photos and she is lovely too. Plus she was my very 1st follower!

It's A Hard Life... Let's Make-up It Better -
She is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! :)

Reaching For The Stars -
Lots of shopping spree pics and make-up pics.. <3 it! Also she is my hair growing buddy!

V xxx
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