Charity shops & plans for payday

I ventured into town on my lunchbreak yesterday and fancied a change from the obligatory stroll round Superdrug/Boots/River Island/Topshop/Primarni.. etc. So I headed to the PDSA charity shop to have a gander.

I haven't been charity shop shopping since I was about 16 and it was soo much fun! It was only a small shop but they had some really nice things. I spotted 3 Sophie Kinsella books from the Shopaholic series which I have wanted for a while and at £1 per book I had to get all 3!

Then I spotted the trinket section and found so much cool stuff. I ended up buying this cool little house (the lid comes off so I can put little things in it. What little things you ask? I don't know).

I thought it was sweet and only 50p.

The best bit was the little old ladies who worked there! They were so sweet.

I am loving Accessorize jewellery at the moment. My latest buys from there are these 2 bracelets (I especially love the Fatima's hand one) and this butterfly necklace which I love but haven't worn yet.
At the moment they have loads of nice necklaces with little charms on, like the eiffel tower and little tea cups.

Roll on payday on Thursday. I'm going to buy these delightful little earrings:

V xxx

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