More awards!

These blog awards are like buses.. none for a while then I get 5 all at once! :)

The lovely Desire Is Necessary To Keep Life In Motion nominated me for 2 awards which is super dooper! Thank you.

I'm going to pick 5 more beautiful bloggers for these ones so here goes!

Zoella -
Her blog is super girly & she has the best hair I've ever seen!

PinkLemonade-xo -
I love this blog coz there's a mixture of make-up, clothes, accessories and make-up photos.

Teacups & Bows -
A really pretty blog & she buys lots of nice things.

Ella Cinderella -
Ella is really friendly & has a fab blog - I love all the night out pics!

Cupcakes and Cherries -
My fellow Leeds person made me feel welcome in the blogging world and her blog is great!

V xxx
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