It's Britney b*tch!

Me and my boyfriend headed down to London the week before last for the opening night of Britney's tour at the O2 arena. I'm not a huge Britney fan but I appreciate cheesey music as much as the next person and with my bf's Mum offering to buy us tickets (her treat) I was there with bells on!

The intro from Perez Hilton was pretty ace but slightly freaky (at one point he's chewing on a baby's head on a!). Then down she came!

Our seats were really good and she was gooood... but she didn't sing live (which we assumed anyway), her dancing was kinda sluggish (I reckon I could have done it with a bit of practice.. I have been known to throw similar shapes in the past) and she only spoke to the audience TWICE the whole show. And when people are paying £50 a ticket that's pretty lame.

But.. we had a good time all the same and spent 2 days in London seeing the sights, shopping and coaxing myself onto the tube - it made me soo sick! :( I could NOT do that every day.

And this is me:

(Outside the British Museum with random pretty shrubbery in the background. Wearing my fave Dior sunglasses and Topshop 'Garden Rose' oversized top - one of my current faves).

And lastly me being a total geek:

(In my latest Uggs (tall, metallic bronze) and current fave Victoria's Secret Pink hoodie).

Did anyone else see Britney at the O2 arena?


V xxx
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