Me, myself and I

* I drive a silver Smart car which I love love love.. before that I drove a black Smart car.. and I can't imagine having any other car! (scuse the dirt!)

* My absolute favourite place in the world is Orlando, Florida. I went last month for 2 weeks, it was my 5th trip there, and I can honestly say I would never get bored of going! Theme parks + sunshine + huuge portions + iced tea + Disney + friendly folk = WINNER!

* My dogs are my babies and I love love love them to bits. Me and my boyfriend have 2 Pugs that we adopted from the Dogs Trust and he has a dog from before we got together - a Bichon Frise. The Pugs are such little characters! They follow us around everywhere, and I mean everywhere! No trip to the toilet is sacred anymore. They sleep a lot, eat a lot, and snore quite loudly.

* My dream job would be a pilot. I took flying lessons once and it was the best thing ever, I loved it. Unfortunately I'm not rich enough or clever enough to get a pilots license. Dang.
* My 2nd dream job would be a zoo keeper. Lack of zoos in Leeds has been a problem.
* I'm addicted to drinking cups of tea. If I can't have tea for any reason I get sick.. I need Tea Anonymous!



V xxx
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