Left today for a week at Pat's house in Grand Isle. Packed up the 2 cats and 2 dogs and lots of supplies for a week of camping in Pat's front yard. The cats were terrified of the coach. They cried and tried to find places to hide. And sure enough, they found that they could hide under the front seats. After several stops along the side of the road, I put them back on the top bunk with their food and litter. As I write this tonight, they have settled down a great deal and Caiche has even climbed up on the bed where the 2 dogs were playing. Bunny is still up in her bunk bed and very leary of the whole situation. Pat and I boiled some shrimp today and when I came home I gave them some. They really like that. I tied the 2 dogs in the large back yard and they stayed out all afternoon. Chuky never stopped pacing trying to get loose so she could chase Pat's 2 cats that run around free. Tonight the dogs are exhausted and are asleep right now. I'm pooped, too. Pat came over for a glass of wine and some Mardi Gras King Cake (creme Cheese filling). I put a movie in the DVD player as we can not catch any TV stations with my external antennae. I see why folks who RV buy satellite. I'm going to check on my camp tomorrow and clean the deck. I may also take the dogs to the beach. Going to bed now.
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