Rocky Road bars.

My latest baking venture had to be slightly more realistic for my skill-set considering my last attempt was such a disaster. I asked regular baker, Laura, if she had a favourite Rocky Road recipe and she came up trumps with a recipe from the Good to Know website.

I could not stop picking at the goodies whilst mixing up my chocolate mixture!

Jonathan wanted to use milk chocolate instead of plain, as the recipe calls for, so this may have altered the taste slightly. I am of the opinion that recipes should be stuck to, but that's because I'm completely unadventurous! We got everything else on the ingredients list - mini marshmallows, white chocolate drops, milk chocolate drops, maltesers, ginger biscuits, and all the sugar-y syrup-y stuff.

The result wasn't bad for my first try. However, due to impatience the chocolate mixture probably wasn't cool enough before we mixed in the goodies so it completely melted the white and milk chocolate drops. Next time I would let the mixture cool fully and use a different biscuit to ginger biscuits as they're not my favourite. I can't wait to try this out again! It was super easy to make.

It is very tasty - we still have loads left so I fear I will look like Rocky Road by the end of the week.

I would definitely make this again - it's so easy! Click here for the recipe to have a go yourself!
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